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Welcome to Clear Energy Flow!


Our mission is to facilitate the elevation of energetic vibrations and promote greater alignment, harmony, and well-being within individuals and the collective. Through our services, we aim to guide you towards a higher vibration by nurturing self-love, preparing you to embrace your genuine and lifelong true love, and fostering the growth of healthy relationships.


Our ultimate goal is to inspire the contagious spread of love throughout the world, creating a ripple effect of positivity and connection. Join us on this transformative journey toward personal fulfillment and collective empowerment.

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Why Us?

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Our sessions are a fusion of diverse expertise cultivated over the years, encompassing coaching, channeling, energy work, and intuitive card reading. This unique blend enables us to tailor our one-on-one sessions precisely to meet the individual needs of each client.


Our goal is to support individuals who may feel isolated and disoriented in their journey to rediscover a meaningful connection with themselves, ultimately fostering a life that is both healthy and happy, brimming with joy and love.


We assure you that we will exhaust every effort within our capacity to assist you in reaching the place you truly deserve. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support and guidance with genuine sincerity and love.


If you've tried everything and find yourself tired and desperate, I understand. I've been in that same place, grappling with loneliness and considering giving up on hope for a better future. Looking back, I see how my emotions clouded my life, causing me to miss out on much and narrowing my vision.

It's astonishing to realize how close the solution was and how simple the change could be. Today, I feel a sense of empathy and even some shame at not seeing it earlier.

Let me help you broaden your perspective, reveal the light around you, and guide you toward the direction you're meant to go.

My name is Sophie Clement

Welcome to my sanctuary of spiritual coaching, channeling, energy work, and intuitive readings—a sacred space where the journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation unfolds.

Born and raised amidst the enchanting landscapes of France, my heart has been drawn to explore the vibrant cultures of Spain and the dynamic energy of the United States. Each destination has gifted me with profound experiences, enriching my understanding of diverse spiritual perspectives and the interconnectedness of all beings.

As a passionate traveler, I revel in the magic of discovering new horizons and embracing the beauty of cultural exchange. These adventures have nurtured my deep love for life and ignited a fervent desire to support and empower others on their own spiritual quests.

With a heart devoted to helping souls bloom, I embark on the path of spiritual coaching, guiding individuals toward embracing their authentic selves, unleashing their innate potential, and finding solace in their divine purpose.

Channeling divine wisdom and connecting with the spiritual realm, I offer a conduit for higher guidance, fostering profound insights and revelations during energy work and intuitive readings.

My journey as a mother of two precious souls has amplified my dedication to helping others navigate the intricate landscape of their spiritual transformation. My love for my family, and my innate nurturing spirit, inspire me to accompany others wholeheartedly in their quest for self-discovery and inner awakening.

Beyond my role as a spiritual guide, I cherish the gift of connection and the joy of being a loving companion on the soulful journeys of those I encounter. Witnessing the profound transformation and the blossoming of souls fuels my passion and reaffirms my commitment to serving and supporting others.

My bio extends an invitation to embark on a soulful odyssey together, where we delve into the depths of the soul, embrace the beauty of life's experiences, and discover the sacred purpose that lies within. Hand in hand, we'll traverse the realm of self-awareness and spiritual growth, igniting the light within and celebrating the richness of your soul's journey. It is an honor to be your guide and a witness to the magnificent unfolding of your soul.

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